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Building the GEEKOM distributor network

        GEEKOM has been selling Mini PCs for over 3 years and has accumulated a large number of loyal customers and established global brand awareness. Our company is expanding rapidly, so we are looking for ambitious partners with in-depth knowledge of local markets to take on the responsibility of cementing the GEEKOM brand in their home country.

Your Opportunities with GEEKOM

Strong brand power and high quality products

The GEEKOM brand as received great recognition in the United States and Europe markets. On Amazon’s U.S. and European sites, GEEKOM is a sales leader in the mini PC category. Our average customer ratings is above 4.7 stars, much higher than other brands (average score of 4.2). We look forward to your participation in making the GEEKOM brand even stronger.

Strong R&D and innovation capability

Our R&D core team comes from the “computer kingdom” – Taiwan, China. Additionally, our company is an official Intel-certified partner, so our products’ ability to update and iterate leads the industry.

A competitive purchase price gives you a competitive profit

GEEKOM products have a robust supply chain, logistics system, and fully independent research and development. Now, in the rapid development of the brand, we can provide distributors with specific and highly competitive product prices.

Enjoy the service of the business operation team

As a GEEKOM distributor, you will have a protected sales territory and a professional business and technical team to serve you, as well as support for your local promotion of the GEEKOM brand. It is also worth mentioning that GEEKOM brand provides one-off delivery services in Western Europe and North America.

Join the GEEKOM family and share the joy of success together.