Why Choose Jiteng

JITENG Manufacturing Center

The factory has established a comprehensive quality control system covering R&D, procurement, production, and sales, as well as an original interactive manufacturing execution system to strongly control product quality and provide customers with advanced, stable, reliable, and high-quality products.

JITENG Office Building in the Factory

The staff in this office building is responsible for product and logistics-related information and follow-up

JITENG Manufacturing Center

Our factory covers an area of above 2000㎡, with an annual production capacity of up to 200,000 units

JITENG Production Workshop

The factory adopts semi-automatic production, which significantly improves production efficiency

JITENG's Advantages

Product Process

We have very strict control over the use of materials and a perfect process design and process compared to the majority of similar products on the market. Instead of an ordinary plastic inner shell process, the company uses a metal inner shell process so the final product is beautiful and durable.

Factory Strength

We have a professional production factory, covering an area of over 3000 ㎡. The factory has a professional management team and a first-class production workshop. We have well-equipped structural and electronic production workshops, professional testing and analysis equipment, a high-temperature aging room, and lots of experienced technicians and production managers. Production technology is among the best in the industry.

Price Advantage

Our company has its own factory and a strong supply chain to ensure strong manufacturing capacity. Furthermore, its R&D center strengthens its design and R&D capabilities. As a result, we can offer lower prices than competitors while maintaining high quality for customers. And our products are far more cost-effective than you might expect.

Brand Influence

The GEEKOM brand has a strong influence in the United States, Europe, and other regions. GEEKOM already leads sales in Amazon's mini PC category. We have deep cooperation with many famous media sites, such as Yahoo, chip, etc. The GEEKOM brand has fans on social media throughout the world.

ODM Business Strength

We can provide customers with high-quality ODM customization services, including configuring the hardware, operating system, logo, and packaging. We provide a variety of design solutions to the client to fully achieve the customization effect and help customers quickly realize the project application construction and product launch.

Team Advantage

More than 70% of our team members are from prestigious universities, and our professional R&D team members have many years of experience in electronic products and have accumulated a lot of practical experience. The sales and branding team also has many years of sales and marketing experience and has a high sensitivity to the whole market.

Logistics Advantage

Our logistics partners are all from the world's leading logistics companies, such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, etc., with fast timeliness, strong capacity, not easy to row warehouse, and high security. We fully guarantee fast and comprehensive logistics support for our products.

High Quality Service and Support

We have a professional sales and service team to provide many services, one-on-one business follow-up, professional service, regular customer visits, and timely problem-solving. We also provide brand policy support so that a business can be quickly launched in the local area.

Product Advantages

Intelligent Manufacturing System

Quality Control System